A Note on the potential ‘controversiality’ of the works and our commitment to keeping them published in the face of public uproar.

We published the works on this website because we felt that the ideas, issues, or themes expressed therein were important to expanding and challenging the ways we, as individuals — and as a society — feel, experience, think about, theorize, imagine, and understand ourselves and the world around us.

We expect visitors to truly reach beyond their comfort zones — and their notions of how things ‘are’ or should be — and to recognize that, by virtue of the fact that the piece has been produced, there are individuals in this world who have an entirely different experience or understanding of it. These views and experiences should be recognized, respected, engaged, and validated.

Individuals who are in any way ‘bothered’ or ‘distraught’ by a work are welcome to write or produce a response to the work in question, be it through a comment in the comments section of the work, or through a formal rebuttal submission. Every attempt will be made to not re-victimize survivors of traumatic experiences.

We thank you for your understanding,

The Queer Ontario Think Tank Committee

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